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  • Do I have to have a regular desktop site to use this service?
    No.  If you don't have an existing website, we can build you a new mobile site from scratch.


  • What happens after I sign up?
    A Dickinson Digital design professional will contact you at the number you provided on the contact form you submitted and set up an initial consultation about your mobile website.

  • How many design iterations do I get?
    Your mobile website design is based on your existing website design. If you are happy with your website design you will be more than happy with the mobile website design! To ensure you get what you want we will provide up to two design iterations.

  • Does the design fee include graphic design work?
    We don't offer custom graphic design work as part of the mobile package.  Images must be provided by the customer.  If you do not have graphics, we offer a limited gallery of stock images for use oon your mobile site.

  • Does my site include all the premium features?
    All the premium features that DudaMobile offer will be available for you to use. These include the click-to-call, SMS business info, click-to-map, as well as analytics.


  • Are there any sites that can't be converted into a mobile website?
    At this time we do not support any e-commerce, membership sites, and some search functionality may be limited. Additionally, If you have a flash based site there may also be some limitations.


  • How long will it take for my mobile site to be designed and go live?
    On average, your mobile website will be live within 1-2 weeks, depending on the amount of design work required.


  • Do I need to purchase a new domain name for my mobile website?
    No. Your mobile website will be installed on a subdomain of your existing website, e.g. “m.yourwebsite.com.”


  • What happens after one year?  Do I need to pay $499 again?
    The $499 includes the design of your site and one year of hosting and analytics. After the year is up, you will not be charged the $499 again, but your hosting subscription will be automatically renewed on a yearly basis at the going rate (currently $106.00).


  • Who do I contact if my mobile site isn't functioning properly?
    We offer great phone and e-mail support. If you have any problems just reach out and we will get it taken care of immediately.

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