About DDSI

Formed in 1993, Dickinson Digital Services, Inc. (DDSI) began business as a hardware and service provider to small businesses and law offices.  The principal and owner, Bill Dickinson, has over 35 years of successful technical and management experience in both hardware and software development, managing highly skilled technicians for both national and international support organizations within companies such as Decision Data Computer Corporation, Robec Distributors, Fisher & Porter, Kulicke & Soffa and Advertising Specialty Institute.

In 1998 DDSI began to focus more on Internet marketing and website development, specializing in complex database-driven websites.  With the advent of expanding mobile services in the form of Smartphones, tabets and other devices, DDSI is now helping many customers take advantage of this new marketing medium by developing mobile websites from existing desktop versions, as well as doing total make-overs to include both desktop and mobile websites.  In conjunction with these new advertising mediums, DDSI is helping customers to develop and integrate more traditional forms of marketing, including the development of mailing and messaging lists, both opt-in and push advertising, as well as the ever-expanding role of social media marketing.

DDSI has the experience and tools to help take your business to a new level of financial performance.  Call us today and see how we can work with you to accomplish your operational and financial objectives.

10 Things Every Website Needs

There are many components to a successful website.   Click here for a list of ten essential components that every website should have.

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